„Solutions at one place”

The Tax Solve Kft. has been founded with the purpose of providing services at a high level of quality to its partners by utilizing the professional experience of its members in accordance with the challenges of today’s’ economic environment. The owners and consultants of the company have proved their efficiency in their fields lately. Furthermore, having recognized and utilized the advantages of the synergy hidden in common activities, we strive for contributing to the success of our partners with complex service portfolios.
It is an essential aspect for the Tax Solve Kft. that the professional consultancy services are to be provided at a high level of quality and in association with qualified professionals.


Full administration, bookkeeping and accounting services for companies, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

In case of the legal, business management and public procurement consultancy your company can be established, formed or developed with the help of our lawyer and economist professionals, who possess a wide range of expertise in their fields. You can even get an online reply on your questions regarding general public procurement processes.

Company Name

Tax Solve Ltd.

Address: 1032 Budapest, Kiscelli utca 7-9.
Phone: +36 1 789 58 78